Contributors will be prominently credited by way of a personalised watermark (on the large version), and a text credit (next to the small image that appears on the relevant page).

To maintain consistency of quality and presentation, submitted material needs to be in accordance with the minimum specifications quoted below. The specs will provide excellent quality source material from which variable-sized images can be produced without significantly compromising picture quality:

1. Only scanned images (not digital-camera snaps) should be submitted.
2. Scans should be of a resolution not lower than 300dpi.
3. The width of submitted images should be at least 1500 pixels.
4. Preferred format of contributions is TIFF; but low (or 'no')-compression JPG's are acceptable.
5. The contributor should also state the I.D. that should appear on the page credit and image watermark.

Contributions can be sent to the webmaster via email (see link below).

Turnaround time is dependent upon the webmaster's 'real world' schedule.