The Baby Hands VideoCD (VCD) series was issued in numerous territories between 2000 and 2003 (at least). To the time of writing, it has yet to be confirmed how many OO7 titles sporting the Baby Hands key-art were actually marketed; but best guess is likely Dr. No through The World Is Not Enough.

Each title is a two-disc set, with only a disc number differentiating between the discs. The 'paperwork' supplied with nine titles is limited to a gatefold insert, with film-related artwork/info on front & back pages only, and an inlay card with art & info usually confined to only one side.

The prolifit... profilit... procliv...  the abundance of counterfeit VCD's with Baby Hands style livery makes the nailing-down of legitimate releases a difficult task for the OO7-videosleeve archivist. For this reason, only releases whose legal heritage can be traced back to an established production-house will be diplayed in this section.