Several 'local flavour' sleeve series' were issued in France before the dreaded 'baby-hands' globally-standardised artwork was forced on the French consumer.

Although no examples appear in this archive, the first-issue France sleeves were similar to the so-called U.K. 'pre-certificate' series as released by Warner Home Video. Given that the webmaster has, in the space of ten years, personally sighted only one such sleeve (On Her Majesty's Secret Service, featuring unique front-sleeve imagery), it may be safe to state that the 'pre-certificate' series from France may be among the rarest sleeves in the pre-cert style; however, the webmaster acknowledges that he may not have looked/be looking in the 'right places'.

The earliest France sleeve series exhibited in this archive is the 'silver-silhouette' SECAM range issued in 1987, the master-layout referencing original theatrical-poster art from France and around the world (click image, at right, for larger version of promotional magazine ad).

A new-look sleeve series was issued in 1992 with key-art that effectively replicated that of the 'silver silhouette' series.

The globally-standardised 'baby-hands' design debuted in France in 1995.

In 1997, Periodical & Magazine publisher, Hachette, began issuing the 007 back-catalogue in a magazine+video format (presumably one release per month).