The sleeves of the first Netherlands VHS release were similar to the United Kingdom pre-certificate (pre-cert) sleeve range from Warner Home Video (WHV), with similar key-art  (confirmed titles are Dr. No, Goldfinger, The Man With The Golden Gun, and The Spy Who Loved Me). Licence to Kill was a similar release for which a rental sleeve was also issued ('Advies verhuurprijs' means 'recommended rental price').

The next Netherlands issue was the locally-designed 'champagne' series (the 'playing cards' in the generic illustration are uniquely Dutch as the cards are H, V, B instead of the English K, Q, J).

Finally came the inevitable release of the 'baby hands' range which adopted a generic design similar to that marketed in French-speaking Belgium and elsewhere in the world.

Despite the native language of the Netherlands being Dutch, the soundtracks of home-video releases were  in the language of the originating country e.g. English for 007 films; Dutch-language subtitles were 'burned-in' (i.e. permanently visible) on such releases.

In regard to the text of Netherlands James Bond VHS sleeves themselves, the original English title of each movie is used but all other text is in Dutch; thus can sleeves distributed in the Netherlands be isolated from similar-looking sleeves marketed in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Thanks to Leo R. for providing background information about the Netherlands VHS releases.