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North America is deserving of the moniker, 'Fortress LaserDisc' because it was here, more than in any world market, that LaserDisc (LD) held its own as a viable format with a fiercely loyal (not to mention more demanding) consumer base.

Launched by Music Corporation of America (MCA) in 1981, under the brand name, DiscoVision, the format struggled to gain acceptance in a home-video market already dominated by videotape, and where at least one other disc-based format ('Selectavision' from Radio Corporation of America) was available.

Ironically, it was a Japanese electronics company (Pioneer) that saved the bacon of LD as a format when MCA's mismanagement of DiscoVision had resulted in the corporate decision to abandon the baby.

Pioneer adopted the struggling format and re-launched it as LaserVision (later, LaserDisc). Pioneer marketed a new generation of LD players, made deals with major entertainment distributors to ensure continued supply of content, and, of more importance if the format was to survive, invested significant capital in research and development (R & D) - which resulted in innovation that mass-market videotape systems could never hope to match.

It is not exaggeration to say that Pioneer's effective re-invention of the format formerly known as DiscoVision was one of those 'phoenix rising from the ashes' things, and LaserVision (aka LaserDisc) became the last word for quality, in every conceivable aspect, in contemporary home-cinema presentation. LaserDisc remained a viable format for another decade until it was retired, with full honours, as a consequence of the advent of a format deserving of the title "Successor to LaserDisc", Digital Versatile Disc (DVD).

The popularity of LD is demonstrated by the number of issues of the 007 catalogue over the life of the format.