Four boxed 007 LaserDisc (LD) packages were produced in the USA during the life of the format; two compilations and two deluxe collector's editions.

The compilations simply split the six Sean Connery Eon 007 films equally across two volumes - Dr No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger in the first; Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever in the second.

The Deluxe Collector's Editions, however, were as spectacular as the two 'Connery' sets were unspectacular. Gathering together a trove of promotional visual material that had not seen the phosphors of cathode-ray tube since 1964/65, and complementing these archival gems with brand-new material comprising documentaries and exclusive audio-only commentaries featuring several key members of the 007 production team of the early Bond films, the two Deluxe Collector's Editions - Goldfinger in 1995 and, Thunderball a year later - were pure video nirvana for 'James Bond' afficianado's and should rightfully be regarded as the original vintage on which the DVD '007 Special Edition' was based.

Meticulously researched and lavishly presented, both Deluxe Collector's Edition boxsets maximised the functionality and capacity of the Laserdisc format: three audio tracks ( one digital track + two analog [left and right] tracks ), random access, still-image display, perfect slow-motion for frame-by-frame analysis, and, of course, double the image resolution of consumer videotape; all in a very cool box.

Despite the LD consumer-base being only a small fraction of the available home-video market, a case can be put that the release of the two superb LD Deluxe Collector's Editions actually generated sales outside the standard laserdisc consumer demographic. By 1995, the numbers of 007 fans with internet access had become substantial; Bond-related Usenet groups and numerous fan-forums were generating global discussion never before possible. For some correspondents (and 'lurkers' - the term for those who liked to 'read' but not participate in forum discussion), the details of the Goldfinger and Thunderball deluxe collector's editions prompted either the purchase of the boxset (as a rather nice standalone collectible), or the purchase of the set and the subsequent investment in a laserdisc player.

In any event, the two Deluxe Collector's Edition LD boxsets were unarguably the first serious 007 home-video encyclopaedia; the concept effectively serving as the prototype for what would become more-widely known as the "007 Special Edition DVD".
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